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Imperfect Chocolates (Box of 9)

Imperfect Chocolates (Box of 9)

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Handmade by Dinner With Jon, this box of nine random assorted chocolates includes a lot of the practice attempts Jon has made in making the perfect chocolates.

The taste will be great, but they may look rustic. This might mean the chocolate isn't sealed very well, there are small air bubble holes and they may have feet (where excess chocolate has collected at the bottom).

Jon is currently making fresh ganache with few preservatives, so the shelf life is about two to three weeks from the making date - that's if they can last that long in your house!

No two boxes will be the same, so it's the perfect way to add a little surprise to your day. With these chocolates, every bite is an adventure!


Flavours will include (but may not receive all of):

  • Pumpkin-shaped pumpkin spiced latte chocolate
  • Whisky truffle
  • White chocolate and raspberry truffle
  • Gingerbread parcel
  • Pistachio and white chocolate
  • Caribbean rum truffle
  • Salted caramel truffle
  • Dark chocolate orange truffle
  • Dark chocolate ginger

For this batch, the expiry date is 20th November

Contains: MILK, SOYA and NUTS.
Made and packaged in a kitchen environment that handles all allergens, so traces of all allergens may be present.

Product can only be sold in the UK unfortunately due to spoiling in transit. Dispatched Monday to Thursday by FedEx Next Day.

Products are supplied as is, and are marketed as imperfect - they will contain manufacturing defects as Jon (very slowly) learns how to make better chocolates!

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